3.68% Of The Top 5 Economy’s Population Are Unemployed


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Outsourcer is a freelancer marketplace which connects its users with professional clients and vice versa. The website allows its users to work with some of the world’s top professionals. It also allows its customers to order services quickly and securely.

In bridging the gap between freelancers and clients, Outsourcer is allowing more users to make the essential change from unemployed to self-employed. As the rate of self-employment rises, Outsourcer becomes a key player in helping individuals make that switch.

Having checked the statistics of unemployment and self-employment figures globally, Outsourcer was pleased to see a step in the right direction. However, there is still an estimate of 3.68% of the population of the top 5 global economies that are unemployed.

As we are no longer living within an industrial age, individuals now have more opportunities to own their own businesses and work for themselves. Therefore, we hope to continue to decrease unemployment rates by increasing self-employment.

By encouraging freelancers globally to sign up to Outsourcer’s Marketplace, we hope that unemployment figures will continue to decrease. Allowing the self-employed to earn a competitive income, in turn benefiting the economy.

Self-employment also leads the way for greater flexibility for such professionals, as working for yourself means you can do this remotely and in your own time. In turn, this will hopefully mean a higher rate of wellbeing and satisfaction rates, as workplace pressures and healthy work environment fall into your own responsibilities.

Outsourcer has seen an increase in sign-ups, corresponding with the increase in self-employment. With the majority of these individuals coming from unemployment. The platform has therefore allowed them to make the essential switch to gain employment and build their clientele with the scope of longevity.

December 4, 2019 11:32am ET by Global Sound Group  

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