Julia Thomsen Mesmerizes With Neo-Classical Gem ‘Beauty Inside And Out’


Global Sound Group

Scottish born composer, Julia Thomsen, who now resides in London plucks at the heartstrings with her new composition 'Beauty Inside And Out' taken from her new EP ‘Sea Energise’.

It is a gem which takes us into a place of calm and serenity with an atmosphere which will catapult you away from the aberration of the modern world. 'Beauty Inside And Out' inaugurates with an affabile piano melody which possesses a bright timbre. Her work often rises to a crescendo with plenty of passion and conviction seeping out of the composition.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Julia stupefies with an eclectic range of sounds leaping out from her sophisticated arrangement. Cleverly, Julia also takes influence from some of the greats including, Thomas Newman and Gabriel Yared, but yet she presents a unique perspective with a distinct sound blossoming from the get-go.

August 24, 2020 4:47am ET by Global Sound Group  

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