Minna Ora Releases Her Most Compelling Expression Yet


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Finland-based Minna Ora is to release her most compelling expression yet, 'Fire', on all major streaming platforms on the 21st of May.

'Fire' is a striking release with an emotional rollercoaster movement that will have you clinging to every note. Furthermore, it is profound and significant, yet it provides optimism with an irrefutable folk-metal rhythmical foundation.

The track came about after a trip Minna had taken with her son. Minna recalls getting an intense feeling of needing to write down some words that had emerged out of nowhere in her mind. She stopped at a bus stop to make a note and then took the idea to the studio, which, to her surprise, fitted a new melody she had written previously.

Delving deep into her lyrical epiphany, Minna remembers how she recognised it was concerning a cancer patient grappling with the disease. Sorrowfully, two weeks later, Minna was diagnosed with breast cancer and was given five years to live after the cancer spread to her lungs. Nevertheless, adamant about beating cancer, Minna explored biological therapy. To her bewilderment, the prognosis issued by previous doctors was inaccurate, and she has since gone into complete remission and is cancer-free.

Musically, the sounds which leap out of 'Fire' reflect the message's sentiment. Also, Minna unleashes a mesmerising vocal performance that adds to the piercing narrative. Likewise, a piano arrangement gives the track a poignant flow, and the drum and guitar lead provides a captivating soundscape!

'Fire' is out on the 21st of May, and it is proof that anything is possible even when the odds are against us!

May 5, 2021 5:07am ET by Global Sound Group  

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