Karuna Captivate With New Release 'Heartsease'


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Karuna are to release their debut folk single, 'Heartsease', on all major streaming platforms on Friday the 4th of June.

Singer-songwriter Abi Rooley-Towle, who fronts Karuna, captivates with an enchanting vocal alongside Tamsin Lewis on the fiddle and Arngeir Hauksson on the guitar. The trio delves deep into the realm of early music, and they rise with treasure. Furthermore, 'Heartsease' captures an unparalleled soundscape, and it paves the way forward for the group seamlessly.

Thought-provoking with imaginative wordplay, Abi expresses a poignant message about the world, and she articulates profoundly through a unique lens. Likewise, the music flows with an early baroque cadence, and the renaissance influence leaves an indent.

So, looking for a release that arrives just that little bit different but for all the right reasons? Look no further than 'Heartsease' by Karuna. It will be available to stream on the 4th of June.

May 11, 2021 8:59am ET by Global Sound Group  

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