Olly E Returns With New Empowering Single 'Rise Above'


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Leicestershire based alt-rock musician Olly E is paving the way forward with his new release 'Rise Above', which arrives on all major streaming platforms on Friday the 25th of June.

Distinct from the get-go, 'Rise Above' stands out with salient flavour but stays true to the scene with subtle hints from many chart-toppers, including Twenty One Pilots and YungBlud. Also, it is a delivery that presents Olly's musical genius, with all components being a sole creation.

Musically, the entire track oozes energy and the drums hit hard with thunderous bite. Similarly, the guitar is potent with a striking guitar lead, and Olly captivates with his innovative vocal performance. Additionally, the narrative is empowering, with Olly inspiring and conveying hope to society.

So, looking for the most exquisite alt-rock which comes just that little bit different? Look no further than 'Rise Above' by Olly E.

June 4, 2021 11:48am ET by Global Sound Group  

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