The Lucky 13’s To Return With New Album ‘Gamble My Soul’


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RnB and soul group, The Lucky 13s, are to release their new album 'Gamble My Soul' on the 11th of November, through their label, Hillside Global.

The English band defy convention by uniting quaint rhythm and blues with current zeal, creating a dynamic and inspiring sound. They draw inspiration from the origins of previous decades while yet managing to develop their own enunciated flavour.

'Gamble My Soul' is an 11-track record that has something for everybody. It's a show-stopper from the first track, 'Love On My Mind,' to the concluding gem. Jamie Johnson, a vocal force to be reckoned with, captivates with his dynamic vocal register, which grips the ear like a mitt on a biker's handle. Likewise, the instrumental foundation is irresistibly appealing, and the composer, Dudley Ross, shines vibrantly, providing the music with a magnitude of arrangements unlike any other.

So, you're seeking some new soul and RnB to get your blood pumping? Look no farther than 'Gamble My Soul,' by The Lucky 13s.

November 8, 2022 4:14am ET by Global Sound Group  

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