Julia Thomsen Charms With New Classical Release ‘Angels of Peace’


Global Sound Group

British composer Julia Thomsen exquisitely captures the season's spirit in her latest classical work, 'Angels of Peace'. The new release by the composer of multiple awards is out now and not one you want to miss!

'Angels of Peace' is a fiery encounter. It is influenced by the legendary John Williams and infused with a captivating charm comparable to his, along with distinctive components that will have you glued to the edge of your speakers! It also enables one to take a breather and detox as the hectic activity of the year nears its conclusion, touching the hearts and souls of everyone who locks ears with it.

Julia crafts an ethereal and glowing ambient, which she offers with endearing gentleness, energising with spurts of captivating air; calm seeps out of its every crack, and many delicate moments emerge from the setting. Also, junctures of monumental crescendo will move you to the edge of tears with soaring expressions of emotion and optimism for the year ahead.

The stunning new release 'Angels of Peace,' is available to stream now, and it is the perfect complement to the holiday season!

November 29, 2022 4:50am ET by Global Sound Group  

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