Saskia Griffiths-Moore Releases New Single "Imagination Baby"


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Folk singer-songwriter Saskia Griffiths-Moore gifts the world with her new single, "Imagination Baby." This spellbinding delivery, now available for streaming, invites all on a journey through the boundless realm of creativity.

The genesis of "Imagination Baby" lies in a unique challenge posed by Chris Difford of Squeeze. Tasked with crafting a song from the perspective of her childhood imaginary friend, Saskia Griffiths-Moore embraced the prompt with fervour. The result? A heartfelt acoustic anthem that celebrates the enduring power of imagination, urging audiences of all ages to cherish their inner creativity.

Recorded amidst the undisturbed beauty of the Polish forests, "Imagination Baby" captures the essence of authentic country music with its completely live, acoustic-only sound and profound lyricism. Collaborating with a talented ensemble of UK-based musicians, Saskia brings the song to life, delivering an authentic and beautiful musical experience.

Driven by a feel-good rhythm, "Imagination Baby" hits home with its infectious cadence. Also, the piano arrangement adds depth and resonance to the piece, while Saskia's mesmerizing vocals serenade the ears from the get-go!

So, are you ready for "Imagination Baby" by Saskia Griffiths-Moore? Look no further; it is out now!

February 27, 2024 4:49am ET by Global Sound Group  

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