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New Gorillaz album to feature De La Soul and Snoop Dogg

De La Soul and hitmaker Snoop Dogg have collaborated with the Gorillaz on their highly anticipated new studio album

The group's last album came out in 2011, entitled "The Fall", and there has been talk of a new offering for a while now. De La Soul's Pos chatted to The Guardian about working with Albarn and explained that both De La Soul and Snoop Dogg will appear on the next Gorillaz record:

“Collaborations come when we feel we’ve got something that would be a great match for an artist. With Damon, it was easy because we love working with him. We’re about to be on the new Gorillaz album. Snoop was also performing on the record when we were over there. He pulled us to one side and said ‘Hey man, we never performed together. Can we get this going?'"

Earlier this year, musician Noel Gallagher explained that if there was a chance for him to be involved on the next Gorillaz project he would jump at it: "He’s (Damon Albarn) making a new Gorillaz album and he’s got my number, so he’s only got to ask. There is talk of doing something but I’m not sure what it is.”


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