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Gorillaz unveil fifth member

Despite revealing a forthcoming hiatus, virtual band Gorillaz has debuted a brand new member. 

The new addition comes from a competition launched by the band in late 2010 when they called for fans to help create a fifth member. Drawn by Jamie Hewlett, the new star is known as 'The Evangelist'.

The only guidelines given by the band about the new character were:

"'The Evangelist' is the opposite of 'The Boogieman'; the light to his awful shade. 'The Boogieman' has appeared in several images from the Gorillaz world, and now featured in several videos... 'The Evangelist' is a similar entity, but the flip-side of 'The Boogieman'. He/she may even be revealed as 'The Boogieman's avenger. His/her outer appearance is yet to be defined. Many rumours fly around of his/her description."

Watch the video for Gorillaz' 'Doncamatic' here: