Lonely Together releases 'Where Do You Go?'


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'Where Do You Go?' is about finding peace in a world of chaos. The song starts off with SAFE TRVLS singing "Where do you go when you can't sleep at night?" Rosie responds, "Burning holes through the dark with my headlights, windows down just to feel alive." The duo aims to be transparent about their own struggles and hope to open up the conversation about mental health and cultivating healthy relationships.

'Where Do You Go?' was actually written in 2018 but sat on the back-burner until COVID hit and it felt like it was the right time to let the world hear it. The duo felt the loneliness of quarantining and thought the song captured that feeling that so many others were and are still going through.

The duo met in college (Western Washington University) and started dating in 2012, but didn't begin to seriously make music together until 2018. SAFE TRVLS been writing hip-hop music for many years, and the two thought it would be fun to combine Rosie's piano skills with SAFE TRVL's songwriting, and Lonely Together was born.

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May 6, 2021 8:55am ET by Goryl Records  

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