Monrad releases 'One-stop-shop'


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The song describes the inner dualities that are part of our daily life; the need for being alone vs the need for attention; being happily in love vs the drain of energy, being constrained and bound...the more negative feelings are eventually repressed; we find a way to stand up, crawl back from our inside maze and ready to focus on other things. The bounciness of the song reflects the ups and down in our mood, energy, and needs, while the dark, laid-back voice surrenders to the inevitable

Monrad is the solo moniker of Matthew Ramon. Kortrijk born and raised but in need for new challenges and discovery, Matthew left Belgium, wandering around for several years before settling down in a small Italian village.

Although part of a reverb- drenched, instrumental surf punk band for most of his twenties (Rencontrez l’amour - Born of punk and reverb), he only grabbed back to music when in Italy to ease an overactive mind. Many hours and nightly sessions later, together with Filip Tanghe (recording and/or live engineering Balthazar, Warhaus), he recorded some of his first songs, trying to step away from more conventional song structures.

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May 8, 2021 4:57am ET by Goryl Records  

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