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Park Haven arrive with an incisive look at domestic energies and a lean revision of the new romantic style. Their Fragile EP is a stylish debut filled with deeply felt sentiments and irresistible vibes. After beginning experimentation in late 2019, this husband and wife duo used the 2020 lockdown to define and refine the common ground of their differing musical backgrounds of musical theatre and indie rock. The resulting EP, reflects their collective aptitudes for poppy vocals, twangy guitar riffs and a healthy serve of 80’s drum machines and synthesisers.

Exploring the complexities of relationships, particularly the common entanglements of romance, Fragile leaves no duvet unturned eliciting all the excitement and pain via snappy arrangements flushed with pleasurable textures. Lead single Problems is a light hearted bop about the one-sided experience of trying to work through issues with someone you love, who is more interested in sweeping them under the carpet.

The EP was written, recorded and self-produced in the smallest room of the duo’s poky Sydney unit, part of the retro apartment building, after which the band is named. The EP was mixed and mastered by record producer, Nick Franklin, at Rolodex Sound in Sydney.

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May 8, 2021 8:28am ET by Goryl Records  

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