Anna Mae Kelly releases 'White Lies'


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Anna Mae Kelly presents her latest track 'White Lies' which has resonated with the music world and is receiving a lot of praise.

'White Lies' allows you to reflect on your life and motivate you to change. For this, you can thank the artist for being able to include a positive message in her music. Besides, the atmosphere is beautiful, the tone colours are wonderful.

Anna Mae Kelly is a 17-year-old singer/songwriter from Kettering. At 8 years old after showing a total uncompromising passion for singing Anna started singing lessons and began entering Eisteddfod competitions locally and in Leicester. At 13 she started to write her own lyrics and learnt to play the guitar. From an early age she had been playing around on her nan’s piano. Anna has taught herself the piano, playing everything by ear. This is where she pens all her songs to this day. Anna has released four singles in 2020 so far with the first being when she was only 16. Described as having a compelling vocal style and soulfulness possessed of a raw and all-encompassing energy, it is clear to see that her music means so much to her on a personal level. As well as writing and releasing music, Anna is studying Musical Theatre at Tresham College as a continuation of her addiction to performing and theatre.

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May 9, 2021 6:44am ET by Goryl Records  

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