The Oxford Drive Band releases 'Fallen'


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The Oxford Drive Band release their latest track 'Fallen' which has caused a big stir in the Rock community. The track is really very listening friendly.

'Fallen' is a cheerful, impulsive track that makes your whole body want to dance. Another plus is a very nice vocal, which surely broke more than one heart. 'Fallen' is suitable for listening on any occasion, no matter if it's a lonely evening or perhaps a gathering with friends.

Marian Godwin of The Oxford Drive Band was 43 years old when she started singing in rock and roll bands when many were leaving bands. At the time she was a copywriter on Madison Avenue in NYC married with a 6-year-old daughter. What began to gnaw at her was this sweet, funny articulate little person did not know her mom loves to sing. You immerse yourself and lose yourself raising a child and that he knew but It seemed a perfect time to try to bring back music into her life and to share this love with Mia, his daughter.

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May 17, 2021 2:31pm ET by Goryl Records  

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