Third Girl From The Left releases 'The Mountain And The Wave'


Goryl Records

Described as impressionistic, dark and intimate Third Girl From The Left is an intoxicating mix of avant pop and alt-folk rock melodrama.

With shades of Kate Bush, Lorde and Portishead, Third Girl's vocal delivery is gossamer vulnerability mixed with assured, punch to the stomach belt. Poetic lyrics and experimental guitar tunings weave through ethereal pads and field recordings to create an arousing, other worldly soundscape; both soothing and unnerving.

Born in South Devon, England, Third Girl From The Left began writing in her teens and performing at local bars. From 2008 she spent ten years touring grass-roots venues and folk clubs peddling acoustic folk-country before it was cool. Reaching her mid 40's she began to question the who, what and why and realised it was a time to take stock, reassess and reinvent.

Source Goryl Records

August 20, 2021 11:41am ET by Goryl Records  


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