Samuel Andryk releases 'Way Back Home'


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Samuel Andryk presents to you his latest track which is called 'Way Back Home'. AVAILABLE NOW:

It's a track that you can fall in love with from the first hearing. 'Way Back Home' is an out of the box track, standing out from thousands of other tracks, which is a very big plus right from the start. It is also worth noticing a very pleasant timbre of the vocalist's voice.

Samuel Andryk is a singer-songwriter originally from the US, and he is now currently based in Amsterdam. He originally moved overseas for a love that didn't work out the way he intended. After the breakup, he flew to the Canary Islands with his producer to write and record this song. It was a magical experience. Writing this was part of his healing process. It's simple, wholesome, meditative and very chill. Samuel think it's beautiful. Later this summer, his full EP is coming out, and the intention behind it is to help anyone else who is going through their own process of relationship healing and loneliness, especially after a year of much isolation.


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September 5, 2021 6:57am ET by Goryl Records  


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