Akin Orbay releases 'Closing The Gap'


Goryl Records

The EP 'Closing the Gap' by Akin Orbay is the result of a personal realization and the open sharing of it, both with the collaborators involved and the outside world. It is inspired both by cutting edge electronic music such as Aphex Twin and Jon Hopkins, and by the storytellers who use that medium like Radiohead and James Blake.

Along with artists Deniz of the Bees, Bora Varsay and Burcu Gulec, Akin Orbay tells the story of bringing his inner world to the front. As a result, the EP is an attempt to break free of self isolation by expressing the thoughts and feelings causing it (and sourced from it at the same time). The act of sharing and opening up to yourself without judgement is the driving force, and accepting yourself as a person inevitably living with imperfections and guided by them is the main theme. As a result, the EP takes the listener on a confrontational journey, and hopes to land on a point of self-acceptance without tension and judgement.

Source Goryl Records

September 10, 2021 3:15pm ET by Goryl Records  


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