Morning Trips release 'We Have No Time (For Now)'


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Morning Trips is excited to release their song 'We Have No Time (For Now)', which gives a lot of joy with its arrangement, but also a moment to think and reflect on your life. Surely this production will be useful for many thinkers who want to delve into their souls.

The American four-wide piece's style has been described as "inspired by a gumbo of dream pop, shoegaze, R&B, and '80s music," with founding punk-era nostalgia and sugary synth thrown in for good measure by the Northwest Florida Daily News. Morning Trips has racked up a string of state-wide tours totaling more than 50 gigs, as well as accolades from publications around the world, including Pastel Wasteland in the UK, Janglepophub in South Africa, and AAA Backstage in the United States.

Source Goryl Records

September 13, 2021 4:53am ET by Goryl Records  


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