Ali Pips releases 'Black Dahlia Smile Me Featuring Dominique Lenore Persi'


Goryl Records

Ali Pips is happy to present his latest track titled 'Black Dahlia Smile Me Featuring Dominique Lenore Persi'. It is a very interesting and innovative track that has a strong predisposition to be remembered for many years to come.

Ali was born in Rhode Island and began Suzuki method piano lessons at the age of four. At the same time, she started learning New Orleans jazz from her father, who was an accomplished pianist of the style. The combination of practicing both Mozart and Jelly Roll Morton every night were Ali's first experiences in crossing genres, and as she grew up she quickly became immersed in Providence’s thriving experimental music scene. After a few years on the Providence prog rock circuit, she relocated to Washington DC where she joined hard rockers Rome In A Day as lead guitarist/backing vocalist.

Source Goryl Records

September 20, 2021 8:00am ET by Goryl Records  


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