The Meskimo releases 'Come Underneath My Covers'

Released April 2, 2021


Goryl Records

The track 'Come Underneath My Covers' was produced by The Meskimo along with Fernando Paul. The track is an instrumental mix of Rock, Blues and Pop. 'Come Underneath My Covers' features an electric guitar in the foreground. All this is surrounded by very pleasant piano sounds and percussion elements which sets a great mood.

With this production you can calmly close your eyes and drift off into the land of your dreams, thoughts or even your soul. The artists did their best to satisfy the tastes of many recipients, which certainly won them recognition in the eyes of many critics.

'Come Underneath My Covers' has a very interesting bass line arrangement which fits perfectly with the rest of the compositional elements. With full responsibility we can recommend the track produced by The Meskimo and Fernando Paul and we are waiting for more interesting proposals from this duo. It is worth watching them on social media and streaming portals.

Source Goryl Records

April 2, 2021 5:00am ET by Goryl Records  


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