Elly Kace releases 'Nothing I See Means Anything'


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Elly Kace has announced the release of a new album titled 'Nothing I See Means Anything', due out on 19 November 2021. The album will feature 11 tracks.

The single promoting the latest album is 'Are You Ready', which is set in a melancholic mood. All 11 tracks are in a similar vein, so if you are looking for songs that can move you, this album is definitely for you. The artist herself is inspired by stars such as Björk, Kate Bush, and Lady Gaga, which certainly sets the bar high and Elly Kace will have to face many comparisons.

Additionally, it can be said that each of these songs writes its own story. We can look forward to seeing which track will be the next single to promote the album. This will probably turn out in the near future. For now, it remains to add the single 'Are You Ready' to your playlists and support the artist.

Source Goryl Records

September 27, 2021 1:51pm ET by Goryl Records  


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