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Green Day on increase of exposure to violence in modern life: 'It's got to take a toll'

Green Day, who are gearing up to release their new album "Revolution Radio" on October 7, are concerned by the violence they see creeping into everyday modern life. 

The band's bass player Mike Dirnt explained to Kerrang! magazine that he's constantly surprised by the things young people are both exposed and desensitised to nowadays and it's worrying to think of the impact this might have on the next generation:

“My kids are going to grow up seeing things that I never saw, like Mixed Martial Arts. When that first came out, people were ‘Oh fuck, that’s fucking violent.’ And now they play it on TV in restaurants. I’m supposed to eat and watch this shit wherever I go? Nothing makes me hungrier than watching two guys in weenie bikinis kicking the shit out of each other.”

Dirnt added that the violence featured in video games is also a cause for concern: "Video games are different now too. You’re actually in there shooting and killing people. And that’s got to take a toll, but I don’t have the solutions.”

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Watch the band's lyric video for "Bang Bang" here:


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