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Thursday, November 10, 2016 9:49am ET by  
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Green Day's Billie Joe: 'Trump could be a puppet for the Illuminati's agenda'

Billie Joe Armstrong, of Green Day fame, has spoken out about Donald Trump's recent victory in the American presidential election

He told Chris Moyles on Radio X that he was completely shocked by the result and couldn't believe that his country voted Trump in:

“I went to bed and everyone kinda thought the correct side was going to win. Then at 6am I wake up choking – like this is kinda gross, like when you inhale spit – so I’m thinking ‘Oh my god why am I coughing?' And of course the first thing I do is think ‘I’ll check and see what happened'."

"So I go to my phone and I look and I have 50 messages. And I was like ‘this is not good’. ‘Cause usually I get four every day. All my friends and family were freaked out because they just elected a fascist into the White House for the first time in American history. It’s all sinking in right now.”

He went onto add that Trump “could be a puppet for the [Illuminati’s] own agenda, which is even scarier. But I’m not going to go down the scary mode right now because it’s early in the morning."

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Watch the band's video for "Still Breathing" below:


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