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Thursday, July 21, 2016 9:00pm ET by  
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Gwen Stefani opens up about collaborating with Prince

Songstress Gwen Stefani has revealed that working with Prince on 'Waiting Room', which features on No Doubt's 'Rock Steady' album, was "so scary". 

She told Howard Stern that it was an intimidating experience because the late music icon is so work-driven and talented: "We get to the studio, it's Paisley Park, and he's standing there and he's so sweet..."

"He is on a whole other planet... level. I went in the booth and I didn't come out for, like, eight hours. I'd be like, 'can I get a water?' He would be sitting at the desk and literally, just one harmony after the other... he would feed it to me and I would have to spit it back out. I was so scared because I'm not even that good of a singer."

She added: "But I'm saying technically, as a singer, I have my style but I don't have a big range or... I can sing in tune and hear notes, but he's just a genius!"

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