Skyler Reed Releases Highly Anticipated EP "Note 2 Self"

Classically Trained R&B/Soul Artist


Skyler Reed

Skyler Reed, a dynamic classically trained R&B/Soul artist, is thrilled to announce the release of her latest EP, "Note 2 Self," available on all major streaming platforms on May 24th, 2024. Accompanying the EP release, Skyler also unveils the captivating music video for the lead single, "Second Guessing."

"Note 2 Self" showcases Skyler Reed's unique blend of classical training and contemporary soul, creating a rich and emotive sound that resonates deeply with listeners. The EP is a journey through introspection, love, and self-discovery, with each track offering a glimpse into Skyler's personal experiences and artistic growth.

The lead single, "Second Guessing," stands out with its powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, encapsulating the uncertainty and vulnerability of questioning one's choices in love and life. The accompanying music video, directed by Lexi Productions, is a visual masterpiece that complements the song's emotive narrative, featuring stunning cinematography and a compelling performance that brings the song's themes to life.

Skyler Reed, who has honed her craft through years of classical vocal training and performances, brings a level of sophistication and depth to her music that sets her apart in the R&B/Soul genre. Her ability to seamlessly merge classical techniques with contemporary sounds creates a refreshing and innovative musical experience.

"I became my most vulnerable for the creation of 'Note 2 Self,' and I'm incredibly excited to share it with the world," says Skyler Reed. "This EP is a reflection of my journey, both musically and personally, and I hope it resonates with anyone who listens."


Skyler Reed is a classically trained R&B/Soul artist known for her powerful vocals and emotive performances. With a background in classical music, Skyler brings a unique and sophisticated approach to the contemporary music scene. She has captivated audiences with her distinct sound and heartfelt lyrics, establishing herself as a rising star in the industry.

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May 24, 2024 1:00am ET by Skyler Reed  

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