Rock Mystic Andrew Reed Releases Ecstatic New Album "As A Bird of the Air..."

Fans of Tom Petty and George Harrison May Enjoy Reed's Spirited Rock Aesthetic


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Introducing rock mystic singer songwriter Andrew Reed and his ecstatic new full-length album "As a Bird of the Air..."

Can I live as a bird of the air or lily of the field?
Can I rise above these Earthly cares?

The Album: As a Bird of the Air…

After more than a year of isolation in his cabin, away from the music world and social media, observing Nature…a lightness came…from these questions asked in humility…an album emerged with the confidence of a flower…

Reed is an ultra-creative guitarist and recording artist, who is so far out, that he is known as the Outlier… Frustrated with traditional studios, Reed built a 3 level, state-of-the-art, remote mountaintop recording compound, surrounded by 12,000 acres of game lands, where artists could reside and become absorbed in their projects. Reed’s consciousness and work has put him in the company of some of the world’s leading scientists and researchers, whereby proprietary synapse-altering technologies were developed to send artists “beyond themselves” – perhaps to make Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Zapa and Beatles-type recordings. Reed is a deviant flirting with enlightenment, and our world needs these sensitive and delicate souls. Through As a Bird of the Air…, this wild deviant shows what can be produced sonically, a unique record of songs that radio will love and that will lift people.


US: Dubbed a “rock mystic” by the Indie press, recording/guitar creative Andrew Reed uncages As a Bird of the Air…, another concept album with a completely different SOUND and retro style than the successful 2018 album, If All the World Were Right, which yielded 2 Billboard Top 40 Indicator charting singles (If All the World Were Right #31, Cure My Mind #35).

Rather than follow this success up with relentless touring, promotion and an album stamped out of the same mold, Reed “followed the wind” and put away his acoustic and dug into playing his old Strat and Les Paul Custom that he tortured for years on the road. He isolated himself from the music world and social media in his remote cabin for a year and created a unique sonic record by saturating analog tape running 3 times normal speed, capturing the performances at the moment of inspiration. The result is a spectacular rock album that sounds like “modern 80s" at its best with high-energy rockers and soaring power ballads. Reed’s work is almost always introspective, but on this album, he sings about relationships and the common worries of people with lyric that express the extreme angst and inner turmoil of growing up and trying understand the world. Reed plays all the instruments except for drums, which were performed by Wayne Redden.

As an evolution of his isolation, he transformed into Andrew Reed & the Liberation… Reed sees “the Liberation” as a personal event of complete self-actualization and self-acceptance. Live, Reed “goes wild” with reckless physical disregard, often trashing guitars against cymbals and mike stands. “To me, rock wasn’t meant to be pretty...but desperate, risky and bombastic…where it could go off the rails at any moment…not over-rehearsed or efficient and safe…where one could throw their life away in the moment…” This album captures that.

May 22, 2020 4:34pm ET by Independent Music Promotions  

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