Tel Aviv-based Hip Hop Artist Benjamin Elia$ Releases New Self-Discovery Themed Album "On the Way"


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Tel-Aviv-based hip-hop artist Benjamin Elias (stylized Benjamin Elia$) releases his new concept album On the Way July 7 on all digital platforms. Throughout the album he freely experiments and collaborates, always in service of the almighty groove and the inner journey. On the Way was recorded at KWA Studios, a boutique studio just outside of Tel Aviv.

The album tells the story of a journey all in the context of the theme "you never end up where you think you're going." On the Way combines an eclectic set of voices and sounds to create catchy melodies, vivid imagery and honest stories.

From The Artist

"This album is about self-discovery. I tried to create a project that really takes you on that journey. There are some happier songs, some darker ones and anything else that you might imagine in between.

"On the Way" features nine tracks that each carry a distinct creative energy. My natural; approach to music is as a lyricist and storyteller, but rather than leaning on that element I chose to go with pop-style production and melodic choruses. I'm the album's sole songwriter (with the exclusion of one rap feature), but I decided to use three different female vocalists to add a musical diversity that I often find missing in hip-hop. The album toes the line between hip-hop, pop and R&B and has a track for every mood. I try to create music that works on two levels. I want it to be thoughtful and meaningful, but I also want it to be catchy and fun. The balancing act between those two aspects is what creates an interesting sound."


Benjamin Elias (stylized Benjamin Elia$) is a hip-hop artist currently based in Tel-Aviv. He was born in Denver, Colorado and moved to Israel when he was 13. Having been raised in both places gave Benjamin unique insight and perspective which reverberates through his music. In his songs, Benjamin juggles optimism and realism, creating a vibe that is both positive and honest. He is a true lyricist and storyteller but enjoys incorporating melodic and modern elements in his music. Benjamin started writing stories at a young age and he eventually fell in love with hip-hop and began creating songs.

He released his first EP "RiP to the PEACEFUL (me) in November 2018 and his debut album "On the Way" is scheduled for release this July.

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