Multi-instrumentalist, James Greenfield releases his new single, “Turn It Off”

This new single is a dynamic piece of electronic with punchy beats, catchy hooks and in-your-face warped vocal samples from this exciting up-and-coming artist.


James Greenfield

“Turn It Off” is about the overwhelm that many of us are experiencing and how we are bombarded daily with demands that sometimes we struggle to meet. The single was recorded and produced at Greenfield's home on the south coast of the UK after he recently moved there from London.

“The demands being put on people these days is relentless. In any given day we are exposed to huge amounts of disproportionately negative news and are being constantly targeted and manipulated to buy more stuff.

We also have demands from other people’s expectations and how they want us to behave; and we live in a world where a never-ending stream of addictive content keeps us glued to our devices, scrolling endlessly.

This song is about the overwhelm that all this can create, and how sometimes for our own sanity we have the choice to turn everything off and take better care of ourselves”, says Greenfield.

This song is the first of many releases due from Greenfield in late 2022 and into 2023. The songs will be available across all major music streaming services, as well as web3 platforms such as Audius.


James Greenfield is a UK-based multi-instrumentalist. His work spans indie electronic, neoclassical and dance music—genres that often don’t share the same space. He writes songs on the piano and guitar and often subverts them with music production tools, creating a genre-crossing blend of traditional songwriting and electronic sounds.

Greenfield's influences are hugely diverse, from the dance music he discovered in London’s club scene, to the work of legendary artists Ólafur Arnalds, Moderat, Fred Again.., Hot Chip, TEED, Jon Hopkins and many more. This rich spectrum of influences led Greenfield to create his own compositions and form his genre-blending sound.

A lifelong music lover, Greenfield spent several years consuming an incredible array of music at gigs, concerts and clubs. He then decided it was time to take all those rich musical experiences and start expressing his own unique creativity. His first foray into making music professionally was over 20 years ago when he started writing tunes and sound effects for computer games. In 2021, Greenfield launched his career as a solo artist and his sound continues to grow and evolve in exciting and sometimes unpredictable ways!

December 2, 2022 7:00am ET by James Greenfield  

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