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James Morrison thinks that boyband JLS would like to hit him

James Morrison told Stephen Milton from dare2mag.com that he thinks that boyband JLS would like to hit him following his comments about them being untalented

He says that while he understands why it sells, he explains why he prefers to sing "real" songs:

"At the end of the day, I’m not a negative person. I don’t usually like talking about people negatively, even if I don’t like them. There’s a lot of music out there I don’t like, but it works and it sells for them so let’s get on with it. What I try to do is write real songs, real stuff which I think is more validating. It’s more gratifying to write real songs in life instead of [breaks into JLS’s ‘She Makes Me Wanna’]. I mean c’mon, what the hell is that supposed to be?"

The singer, who recently had a number one album with 'The Awakening', says that he's looking forward to The Voice UK as it focuses more on talent rather than appearance:

"I think it’s the best type of talent show that’s ever been thought up. Plus, the US show has some of the best judges I’ve seen in terms of Adam Levine and Cee-Lo Green, and I think everyone is looking forward to that new format, where it’s simply and purely about the talent, nothing else.”

James Morrison's next single is 'Up', a duet with Jessie J and you can check out the clip of the single below along with a video of Morrison busking in Birmingham in 2008: