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James Morrison: 'People see me as a wet joke'

James Morrison has admitted that despite his success he feels like a "wet joke" because people only see him as a "romantic songwriter". 

The crooner, who recently released his new album 'The Awakening', explained to The Guardian that he is often perceived in a certain light because of his musical style and thinks it prevents him from reaching the next level with his career:

"Even when the current album 'The Awakening' went to number one, I'll never feel I'm one of them people that people love. There's a lot of people out there who see me as a wet joke. I get generalised as this lovey-dovey guy all the girls want to get with - this romantic songwriter."




Speaking about his vices, and about the things that maybe give him an edge, Morrison added:

"I'm just such a lightweight. I get pissed really easily, and I don't like the feeling. It just makes you say what you feel, and I do that anyway. I've always had a husky voice, and I've never been good at sport – I'm very clumsy. One thing I shouldn't be doing is smoking, but I do it as a fuck-you."

Watch Morrison's performance of 'Up' live from the Children In Need Rocks concert below: