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Jarvis Cocker asks the public 'What is Music?'

Jarvis Cocker, who has new album 'Further Complications' out shortly, is to invite members of the public to join him in an exploration of the question, 'What is music?'

Below, Jarvis himself explains:

Back in October 2006, when I was asked to edit The Observer Music Monthly in the UK, I asked the question "What is Music for?". Two and a half years on I would like to shorten that question to: WHAT IS MUSIC?


 I have lost count of the number of articles proclaiming the imminent or actual death of the music industry. Does this mean that music can now go back to being an art form again? and if so, is it the first art form to begin adapting itself to the post-capitalist society we now find ourselves living in? Or is it just something you get free when you buy a mobile phone? Digital content.


What happens if you get a band to rehearse in an art gallery instead of a rehearsal space? What if you invite members of the public to play with the band? Or invite them to submit song titles which the band then have to base an improvisation upon? Could a live band provide the accompaniment to an aerobics class? What happens if you play music from 12 noon til 7pm, seven days a week? and what if you invite the kids from the local school to come round on their Wednesday off?


From Tuesday 5th of May until Sunday 10th of May I will be occupying Galerie Chappe, 4, Rue Andre Barsacq, 75018 Paris, France (+33 1 42 62 42 12 from 12 noon til 6/7pm each day (maybe later some nights) & attempting to answer these pertinent questions. I will be assisted by the members of my band: Martin Craft, Steve Mackey, Tim McCall, Ross Orton & Simon Stafford plus, at various times, we hope to be joined by other musicians currently living in the Paris area.


If you live locally please come down and join in this experiment. If you don’t you can follow its progress on which will run for the duration of the installation (more details soon). Each day will be archived & re-broadcast for the convenience of those living in different time-zones.


A selection of Rankin’s photography for my soon-to-be-released album Further Complications will be on view during the course of this show. These images are an integral part of the exhibition & will also be offered for sale through the gallery.

Watch Jarvis Cocker reveal the inspiration behind his music below:


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