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The poetry of Jarvis Cocker is evaluated

Jarvis Cocker, the lead songwriter and frontman of Pulp, has been acknowledged by Faber and Faber as a poet and a collection of his work will be published next week (October 20).

The lyrics that he has written for songs like 'Common People' and 'Monday Morning' will be included in an anthology called 'Mother, Brother, Lover' by the publishing company.

The singer, whose reunion tour with Pulp has recently ended, has also been appointed editor-at-large for Faber and Faber and with that, he will publish a small list of books that he has chosen himself.

The Guardian asked a number of musicians which lyric of Cocker's is their favourite.

Here's what some of them said:

Billy Bragg:
"I want to sleep with common people like you. Well what else could I do - I said I'll see what I can do." - 'Common People'

Bloc Party's Russell Lissack:
"I never knew that you'd get married. I would be living down here on my own on that damp and lonely Thursday years ago." - 'Disco 2000'

Veronica Falls' Roxanne Clifford:
"Mister, we just want your car, cos we're taking a girl to the reservoir" - 'Joyriders'

Check out this video of Jarvis Cocker discussing the lyrics chosen for the book, 'Mother, Brother, Lover', and a fan video of Pulp performing 'Disco 2000' at the Isle of Wight Festival:


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