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Jason Derülo: "I thought I'd never be the same after neck injury"

Singer-songwriter Jason Derülo thought he'd "never be the same" after fracturing his neck.

The 23-year-old star broke a vertebrae while practising an energetic dance routine last year.

Derülo said he felt like a "caged bird" during recovery from the potential life-threatening injury, but feels lucky to now be back to full health.

Talking to he said: "I'm very blessed to have this second chance and I'm using it. It was really tough when I first went back to the dance studio because I couldn't even do the moves I have been doing my whole life, my equilibrium was totally off.

He added: "There were moments when I thought I would never be the same. I stuck with it, and through hours and hours of work I was able to get everything back."

Derülo's newest single 'Talk Dirty' features a few suggestive lyrics.

However the star insists the record and accompanying promo won't be creating the same kind of controversy as Robin Thicke's smash hit 'Blurred Lines'.

He explained: "I made that song long before I heard Blurred Lines," before adding: "Talk Dirty is about the universal language of love. I'm not making music to break taboos."







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