Marsofyouth Stands Tall In Liberating New Single ‘Dirty’



Hailing from Atlanta the rising artist Marsofyouth resides in the midst of the current bubbling underground scene. He’s now here with his single ‘Dirty’ which is the first offering of his brand-new anticipated EP. Listen here:

Marsofyouth is an artist who wears his heart on a designer sleeve. Emitting emotional vocals that float melodically over somber acoustics and melancholy 808s, Marsofyouth turns his loyal listeners into instant empaths with consistent vulnerable self-expression.

‘Dirty’ opens up with a beautifully harmonic acoustic guitar. The guitar alludes itself to allow Marsofyouth’s emotionally driven vocals to sit at the core of the whole soundscape. The track builds with an emotive chorus, bursting with pure passion and fire which is provoked through his vocal delivery and the sense of fulfillment that you feel through the beat.

Opening up about the track Marsofyouth mentions,

“Dirty is a personal reflection that could be mirrored to any relationship. It captures the moment when you're faced with either sticking it out with someone or focusing on your purpose in life. It’s an introduction to one of the many colors of my upcoming EP.”

Marsofyouth goes further to mention a personal moment of creating the track,

“I recorded in my in-home studio with a glass of merlot after an upsetting phone call.”

There is pure heart and soul in the music that Marsofyouth creates and It’s clear that he puts his life on the line for his work. With the imminent release of ‘Dirty’ and the anticipated wait for his new EP there will be no stopping Marsofyouth in bringing together his visions. This makes him such an exciting watch for 2021 and beyond.

Check out the single via the link below.

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