Taking a unique approach to music, blending elements of Nu-Metal with Hip Hop, American rapper, singer/songwriter, record producer and art director Ezediel has established himself as one to watch. Having reached over a millions of listeners, the solo artist is once again showcasing his talent as a writer and performer on the new single ‘Burnout’.

Burnout see’s Ezediel blend heavily distorted guitars, deep subby bass and sparse electronic beats under his growling, Corey Taylor-esque vocals building a dark, suspenseful soundscape. Ezediel’s approach sees him take a dark and heavy approach to the hip-hop rock cross genre allowing him to carve his own unique sound whilst touching on elements of artists such as Ho99o9.

Speaking on the new single, Ezediel said:
"Burnout is a metaphor: I wanted to link the song to the JDM/Tuning community introducing specific sounds and, of course, titling the song as the practice of heating up the tires and produce smoke, this is based of one of my passions (engines/cars); from the other side, Burnout talks about not taking care our emotional states, pushing constantly so hard to achieve our goals that we could also produce stress and frustration, it's kind of a warning on not falling apart and respect our emotions as human beings.

I wrote the song in one day (I usually do for every one of my pieces, old school piece of paper, it's easy for me to make lyrics) and produced the whole song in a week during the summer. I just found that the guy that was renting me the home by the sea is also a musician and has a studio inside of that same building, so I rented it and worked instead of just going on vacation.”

Robert Wayne (Aka Ezediel) grew up in a suburb of Manhattan and began immediately to explore different kinds of Arts as a teenager. Due to a dysfunctional family background he was forced to frequently move around the globe (and being homeless for a short period of time in 2019): first the United States and Italy during his childhood, then England and Japan as he got older giving a range of different influence to his music as well as allowing him to gain a worldly wisdom.

Despite only starting to release music in 2020, Ezediel already has a remarkable sense of identity and a complete sound. Having gained millions of streams across his previous releases, the new single ‘Burnout’ has already gained over 35K streams on Spotify and over 100k cumulative views on YouTube. Well on his way to establishing himself as a household name ‘Burnout’ demonstrates some of Ezediel’s finest work.

Listen via the link below.

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