NEW NOISE: SPACIFIC BROWN Drops New Single ‘Whine It (Ayo)’



Real Name Alex Brown, Spacific Brown has been writing rhymes for over a decade, his style is that of Old School US Hip-Hop. Exploring rhymes based on an extensive vocabulary and an encyclopedic knowledge of hip-hop and rap he is known to drop freestyles wherever the opportunity arises.

Spacific Brown is now here with his energetically intense new single ‘Whine It (Ayo)’ which is out now on all platforms.

Speaking honestly about his new single Spacific Brown mentions:

“Whine It (Ayo) aspires to be a dance anthem that can serve as a background to a good day or night out with friends and/or family! I refer subtly to prayer in the track. I am a deeply spiritual person, and this reference is juxtaposed within what would otherwise could be considered quite a hedonistic rave track!”

Produced by Pacific Brown and DJ Azza, 'Whine It (Ayo) is a track that flourished through a studio session between the pair. With the whole process of creating the track being effortless and natural, the pair composed a track that will slot perfectly into the UK Rap scene at this point in time.

“As an artist I am very versatile. I approach each track specifically based on the vibe I feel whilst hearing the beat, and the tempo, to gauge whether the song will be reflectively introspective or upbeat and high tempo. No one track is the same, and I treat my writing process in such a manner.” Spacific Brown continues to mention.

Stream the single below.

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February 26, 2022 7:04am ET by Jbellbookings  

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