Alternative Metal Band ‘Desenser’ have released their huge new single ‘Passing, Fade Away’. The track is the Sheffield based 4-piece second offering from their anticipated upcoming EP 'Aurora Equitum' which is set for release worldwide on 19th August 2022.

Desenser embrace a frantic energy emerged from their punk roots. They weave a unique blend of raw riffs, complex rhythms, modern melodies, and infectious grooves. In their new single we see the band takes a step away from the politically charged themes of recent single ‘Broken Crown’, turning inwardly, and exploring the dark attitudes towards death. The song and video follows the story of a character who is going through the heart-breaking process of dying.

“This journey begins with the protagonist contemplating mortality, then facing terminal illness in a hospital, experiencing hallucinations and spiritual experiences, and ultimately ends with the character’s death in a climactic finale. Listeners are guided through this story both emotionally and sonically, with no musical section repeating more than once - we feel that we managed to create an insightful and emotional piece, while maintaining metal-pit raw energy. We took inspiration in part from personal experiences surrounding death, specifically in the setting of a medical facility, but also from the overarching concept of our upcoming EP, 'Aurora Equitum'.” – explains Tyler Shield (Vocals)

Even as a new group, Desenser command the stage, and emit an energy and presence that will let audiences lose themselves in the noise. The band will be coinciding their upcoming EP release with their appearance at this years Bloodstock Festival alongside Lamb Of God, Bury Tomorrow, Sleep Token and many more. The band will also celebrate the release of their new record with a special EP release show at Corporation, Sheffield.

Check out the video below.

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