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Jennifer Lopez speaks about working with ex-husband

Jennifer Lopez has opened up about her working relationship with ex-husband Marc Anthony, admitting that it is "not the easiest thing".

The pair are working together on reality TV show Q'Viva: The Chosen despite the fact they separated in July last year.

They chose to honour the show, with Lopez believing that Anthony will always have a place in her life. She told MSNBC's Today:

"Marc and I were friends before we got married. We were friends for years. And we always loved each other and we always worked together. So it wasn't an unnatural thing for us to continue to work together. And we have children together. So he's always going to be in my life."

She added that she thinks the pair have handled the tricky situation with "grace, care and love". She added:

"At the end of the day, like I said, we're working together, we have a lot of love for each other and we're human. It's not the easiest thing in the world but I think we handle it with a lot of grace and a lot of caring and a lot of love."




Watch Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony on Q'Viva below: