Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Jamie King win With Q’Viva

Over 30 million viewers watch the new show they dreamt up with Idol supremo Simon Fuller

Last weekend Q'Viva! The Chosen debuted in English on the Fox network in North America for the first time, and new figures reveal that a total of over 30 million TV viewers saw the show across North and South America. It's a remarkable achievement for Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Jamie King, the three show producers who created Q'Viva! along with American Idol creator Simon Fuller, as together they have succeeded in creating the biggest new international TV hit of 2012.

Simon Fuller comments: "Q'Viva! is one of the first network shows ever to broadcast simultaneously throughout the Americas in three languages. With over 30 million viewers in total already and more than 4 million people watching in the US in both English and Spanish language, this has been an extraordinary experiment. The Q'Viva! story will continue to grow throughout 2012 as more and more countries sign up to broadcast the show."

The series is being internationally distributed outside of the USA by global entertainment company Endemol and produced in partnership with Endemol Argentina.

"We are thrilled with the overwhelming response from audiences across the entire American continent to this extraordinary celebration of Latin culture," said Endemol Studios CEO Philippe Maigret. "This is an incredible start for the show, and we are very excited to roll it out globally."

Q'Viva! The Chosen is a new type of entertainment TV show. It's made in three languages, it is shown in twenty one countries, and it has now become one of the biggest new international TV shows of 2012. Spanish-speaking fans were the first to fall in love with the show as Q'Viva! The Chosen became #1 in its timeslot across all networks in Puerto Rico, Peru, Uruguay, theDominican Republic, Columbia and Brazil, while delivering audience share of 35% in Uruguay, 33% in Columbia and 22% in Ecuador. Other countries have added further viewers in the last two weeks and it will continue to grow as other territories sign up to screen the show.

In North America, Q'Viva! The Chosen was seen by 4.4 million viewers last week; 2.2 million watched it in Spanish on Univision, making it the night's second most-watched program on Spanish-language television in the United States, and over on Fox the English-language version drew another 2.2 million viewers, a remarkable achievement for a new format opening on a Saturday night.

Exclusive content is available on the Q'VIVA! THE CHOSEN social media pages.

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