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JLo on American Idol role: 'It was part of my growth and helped me to be a better artist'

'On The Floor' sensation Jennifer Lopez has confessed that although she has walked away from American Idol it really helped her to "grow as an artist".

Speaking to MTV, Lopez explained that while she taught tricks of the trade to the show's contestants she also picked up some new tips to apply to her own career along the way:

"Where you're working with other people, like the audience, or even another artist, like we did with the contestants on the show, you learn, you grow. And whatever I'd tell them, it was funny, it was like telling myself."

"Like, 'Don't forget, when you're onstage... make sure you connect and make sure it's about the feeling'. I always feel like whenever I was telling them this over the past two years of doing Idol, that it was helping me grow as an artist as well."

Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Mariah Carey has joined the American Idol panel as her replacement and JLo added that she's excited to move on to different things and can't wait to focus on her music again:

"It was a great experience to sit there and do that for a while, and I honestly feel like it was put in my life for a reason, to be part of my journey and part of my growth, because it definitely did that. But as much as I love the show, this (singing) is what I do... And that was fun and it was great, but this is what I do."




Watch her video for 'Dance Again' below: