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Jessie J: 'I hope people fall in love with my big voice'

Vocal powerhouse Jessie J is gearing up to release her highly anticipated third album, 'Sweet Talker', next month and has opened up about her style, which she described as 'big'. 

During a new interview with BANG Showbiz, the 'Bang Bang' songstress admitted that she's simply not a 'soft' singer and can't change her voice to fit that, so just hopes people fall in love with her style and embrace it:

"People have to fall in love with you for you. I'm not a soft singer, I've tried; it doesn't work for me. There are not many big singers in the UK anymore, but the singers I've always looked up to - people like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill - are big singers. I feel now is the time for me to really own what I do and be a big singer. I hope that comes through on the album."

She went onto add that 'Sweet Talker' is a 'more exciting' offering and she can't wait to unveil it: "Vocally I think this record is definitely more exciting. I think on the second album there were so many people that weren't involved in the first that wanted to have an opinion on the second album and I think I got lost in that... For this album, the most amazing thing for me was consistency."

"I realised that it's a blessing and a curse to be able to sing anything. When I worked with a different vocal producer and different engineer for every single track in the last album it had a weird inconsistency. It didn't feel like a cohesive piece of art. Whereas this album I recorded every song with just one person and it was all put through the same microphone."

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Check out her new song 'Burnin' Up', which features 2 Chainz, below: