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Jessie J on airbrushed 'Sweet Talker' image: 'They'd taken all my weight off'

Jessie J has spoken about how the cover for her upcoming album had been airbrushed.

The singer is due to release her third record 'Sweet Talker' on October 13 and its cover sees Jessie J show off her legs and torso.

However, she told Alan Carr's Chatty Man show that she was left disappointed when the artwork first came back with airbrushed legs.

Jessie J said of a previous admission that cellulite had been taken out: "You have to, because people think you look like that all the time. No, I got sent it, and they actually made my legs look like sticks, they'd taken all my weight off.

"I was like, 'Have you seen me? I need all the weight I can have, can you give it back?', because I've got quite a bony chest - my Mum and my sisters have got it as well - and everyone's like, 'Oh, she's so thin'. No, I've just got no tits and a bony chest, so I made them put the meat back on my legs."

Jessie J will star on Chatty Man tonight (September 26) on Channel 4.

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