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Jessie J: 'It's bloody hard being on the road'

Jessie J has admitted that she often finds touring difficult.

The singer told Bang Showbiz that she likes to have some home comforts when out on the road.

This helps her to relax and unwind when dealing with busy tour schedules.

The Brit said: "My brother-in-law was talking to me the other day and he said, 'So when you go to hotels you ask for stuff?' And I was like yeah there are a few things you ask for. And he was like, 'I remember reading about people when I was younger who demanded specific things and I thought they were divas'.

"But now I'm related to you and I see what you go through, I understand that when you're travelling this much a hotel room pretty much becomes your house, there are things that make you feel comfortable and with the amount you work, you deserve that. You deserve those things.

"The things you ask for are so small but they make the biggest difference, like a humidifier to make the room's energy a singer's energy. So it's important to make yourself feel settled to be able to work because it's bloody tiring being on the road. It's bloody hard."

Jessie J meanwhile is due to tour the UK in January.

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