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Jessie J offered 'massive' movie role

Jessie J says she has been offered a role in a major film.

However, the singer admitted that unless her schedule changes there is little possibility of being able to take on the part.

Speaking to the Daily Star, the 'Domino' star said the role is alongside a huge US actor.

She said: "I've been offered a role in a massive movie with one of the biggest American actors but I don't know if I can do it.

"I would love to do it but it's at the same time as I'm filming the Australian Voice. So unless they move the filming to Sydney I'm going to have to turn it down."

Jessie J added that she also had to previously turn down parts in One Chance and Kick Ass 2:

"I was offered a part in the Paul Potts film. I did a script reading and took the part but in the end my schedule didn't work. The part of Night B**ch in Kick Ass 2 was written especially for me.

"It would have been amazing but I couldn't do it because of other commitments. I've got new management now and we are trying to plan it so I don't keep missing things."

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