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Jessie J overwhelmed by fans

Jessie J has previously spoken out about finding being in the limelight difficult, especially now that she isn't really able to step outside without being recognized, but she explained to billboard.com that it's starting to get crazy. 

The 'Price Tag' singer recently expressed a concern for the health and safety of her fans, and revealed that a few gigs that she's done in the past few weeks have been particularly overwhelming:

"We finished a tour stop in Bristol [England] last night and there were more fans than I've seen in my life. For two hours, they tried to sneak on our bus, touching and grabbing me, begging me to sign their pictures, their badges -- and their boobs,"  

"One guy knocked a sign into me; I begged him not to kill me."

Her ever-growing popularity means that this level of fan excitement will only increase and she said that in Glasgow she got pelted with scraps of paper from the audience:

"they kept throwing things at me -- notes and messages and God knows what."

Jessie J is a huge fan of keeping in touch with her 'Heartbeats' on Twitter, and wrote today (April 12):

"Omg im #2 on USA itunes album chart #heartbeats thank you so much!! And #pricetag is Top 10 in 22 countries!! Arghhh! Wow wow wow you rock. Your the best!"

Watch her talk about her career here: