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Jessie J defends Cher Lloyd

Jessie J took to her twitter account yesterday to defend ‘X Factor’ runner-up Cher Lloyd’s new haircut.

Cher recently posted a picture of her new bob (left), which prompted people to speculate that she was copying the ‘Price Tag’ singer’s look.

“Can I just set the record straight… I do NOT own my hair cut nor have I copyrighted it. So if anyone else inc Cher wants a bob then it doesn’t bother me. Its a haircut people, stop making up bullsh*** and creating hype. I think it looks good on her,” Jessie tweeted.

“I’ve seen a lot of mags and newspapers and tweets slating her. Its so uncool. She is 17 and doesn’t deserve any of it. And I want people to know that’s how I feel,” she added.


Watch Jessie J perform ‘Price Tag’ on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ here: