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Jessie J Teases “a lot of honesty” on Upcoming Album

Jessie J has teased there is "a lot of honesty" on her upcoming album.

The highly acclaimed British singer-songwriter has given fans an insight into what to expect from her follow-up to 2018's R.O.S.E., which is being produced by Ryan Tedder, and confessed that she is "always controversial without being offensive".

She explained: "There's a lot of honesty in there, because obviously I've lived a lot of life that people want to know about.

"I've always been controversial without being offensive. I like to stand on the edge but not fall off. I like to bleed out and make people stand in the middle of their f****** s***, good and bad, as I do that for myself."

The 32-year-old music star admitted that it's "the hardest thing" trying to make a better LP than her debut studio album, , which was released a decade ago, but she thinks the new collection is up there.

She told the 'Billboard Pop Shop Podcast': "The challenge of beating that is the hardest thing. And I haven't. 'Bang Bang' [her 2014 song with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj] nearly got there... 'I can hang out with you at a party,' these songs can say to the old songs."

Jessie, who is not yet ready to divulge when the album will be out, quipped: "These songs are not for a turtleneck, you know what I'm saying?"

The star insisted that she doesn't need to be the "biggest" singer on the planet to be satisfied with her career.

She said: "I love that people still call me underrated. I don't need to be the biggest thing in the room. I want to be the truest thing and the realest."

While Jessie admitted that she wishes she could give herself a hug for all the times she doubted herself early on in her career.

She said: "When I look back at it now, there are so many moments where I just want to give myself a hug, when I doubted myself... now I'm just living my best life."

Jessie J remains the first British female artist to have six top-ten singles on the Official Singles Charts in the UK from a sole studio album.

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