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Jessie J’s common ground with Adele

Pop star Jessie J has opened up about the pressures on her behavior now that she’s famous, but that whenever she meets up with her old school friend Adele, they revert back to being “common”.

The pair met when they both attended the BRIT School in Croydon, south of London, and Jessie J admits that when they meet up, they return to their roots.

She said: "Adele and I used to hang out together at the BRIT School and sing together. I bumped into her recently and she was like, 'Baaaabe!'

"We're so common when we're together, it's hilarious."

The ‘Price Tag’ singer also revealed that being natural – without make-up – is something that she can only do around her family now.

She said: "I'm able to be in my pyjamas and have no make-up on in front of my family - there aren't many people I can do that with any more.

"My sisters are like best mates and I can phone them and cry and say I've had a bad day and they don't judge me."

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