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Jessie J penned 150 songs

Jessie J claims that she wrote over 150 songs in two years as she battled her way to the top of the charts.

Despite this prolific achievement, the ‘Price Tag’ singer admits that much of her success is really down to luck.

The singer told "I think back to the early days. Days of wanting to be signed, then getting signed with a girl band, writing 150 songs in two years only for the label to go bankrupt. It hasn't been easy.

"I got signed to Sony as a songwriter doing support stuff in any place I could around the world for free. All the while, I was just living in a car,” she said. “Doing all of that stuff that felt so crazy at the time. Yet, these are the things you have to go through to be the kind of artist you want to be. The type of artist who survives in this industry."

The star also chatted about her progress on her second album, saying it will in part be about her journey to stardom: "I think the next album will be all about maturity and how I have grown a lot,” she explained. “My whole life has changed and obviously I know that there's a lot of people that can't relate to the life I live.”

Check out a performance of ‘Mamma Knows Best’ below: